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Arizona’s New Trespassing Law: Get Off My Lawn

Arizona has become more welcoming to crotchety old men.  A new Arizona law would make it illegal to be on private property without approval.

Under an old version of the law, it would have only applied to locations within 100 miles of the AZ Mexico border.  But, the suspected link to immigration brought conflict so the […]

The Facebook Graph Search and the Future of Internet Privacy

Since the days of its first appearance, Facebook has been a great place for people to freely share every aspect of their lives.  For most people, that means a picture of their dog and a few drunken profile photos. But, for others, that means an opportunity to share their enjoyment of the ill egal things […]

The Most Disgusting Law of the Year

Hunger is an ever growing problem in the world even in the United States.  To combat hunger the Montana State Senate voted to allow residents to harvest animals like elk, deer, and moose killed by vehicles on the road.  Full disclosure, that sounds revolting.

Individuals seeking to collect the road kill would need to have a […]

Arizona’s Other Papers Please Law

A new bill in Arizona would make it a class 1 misdemeanor to intentionally use a public bathroom or locker-room assigned to a gender other than what was listed on a person’s birth certificate.  The penalties associated with the violation of the law would be a $2,500 fine or up to six months in prison.

The […]

Errors and Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are crucial in the legal system.  Many experts are chosen based upon their skill and knowledge in a particular field.  Whether it’s a criminal case or civil lawsuit, an expert has a great impact on the outcome of a trail.   Many prosecutors weigh the chances of a potential case based upon the […]

How to Make Sex Offenders Move

Life can be hard for a sex offender, not only are they some of the most vile criminals in the world, but if they make it out of prison alive the chances of them living a quasi-normal life are extremely low.  No one wants to live next to a sex offender, and beyond that, very […]

What is the Arizona Move Over Campaign?

It’s illegal to not move over or slow down when a law enforcement official has pulled someone over to the side of the road.  This law seeks to protect officers and suspects that are in a vulnerable position during traffic stops.  Overall, it is a perfectly reasonable and straightforward, if little known, law.

However, that law […]

Trouble with the Citizen’s Arrest

Canada expanded its citizens arrest laws a few weeks ago.  Citizen’s arrests are extremely prone to causing lawsuits.  Citizens trying to do the right thing many times find themselves in court not as a witness, but as a defendant in a civil or even criminal case.  In court, it can be substantially easier to bring […]

Animal Abuse Separation

The Arizona House recently approved anti-animal abuse law that would forbid anyone living in the house with an animal abuser from keeping a pet for two years.

The current Arizona law has no provision stating that an animal abuser is forbidden from taking in an animal after their case. Further the law would require, upon conviction, […]

Unlock your Phone and Copyright Law

One of the most frustrating things about getting a new phone is having a limed set of applications available.  One type of phone may not work with a certain cellphone provider.  To remedy this many people attempt to unlock their cellphones. But it has been questionable as to whether doing so would be legal.

In October […]

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