Chris Ariano

The Future of the Criminal Evidence

This past week President Obama announced a ten-year study on the human mind.   The project, called the Brain Activity Map, would study the inner workings of the brain.  Scientists hope that it would lead to a better understanding of neurological disease. But, it has been suggested that such a study could support an already growing […]
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How to protect yourself from DUI

Sometimes you might have had something to drink or you might be concerned about marijuana and Arizona’s DUI laws.  Consider these tips: If drunk don’t drive It’s simple but, come on, there are a number of options to avoid drunk driving.  Get a cab, lie to your auto insurance for a tow (don’t actually do […]
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Criminals beware!

The Maricopa County Sherriff’s Department has called in Hollywood “mainstay” Steven Segal to become an instructor in school security for the volunteer posse. Segal is uniquely qualified to instruct law enforcement in mock simulations.  Mr. Segal brings with him considerable experience including counter terrorism on submarines, trains, and even prisons. Segal also boasts years of […]
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