Phoenix DUI Lawyers Explain Why People Don’t Report Crimes

Not important enough

phoenix dui lawyers explain why people don't report crimesThough traditional society might find criminal behavior repulsive, some people have a higher tolerance.  Legitimately, some people value using all the take-one-give-one pennies at the store on the same level as taking all the money from the register.  When these people aren’t busy have limited moral fiber, they make great super-villains.


Some people feel victimized by their ordeal.  To tell anyone about what they experienced becomes a source of unimaginable fear.  In these people, look for signs of discomfort.


Crime is scary.  Typically, crimes are committed by scary adrenaline (and/or meth) filled criminal types.  Even if the perpetrator was unknown, the intimidation associate with the experience is hard to deal with.


Some people really enjoy Mel Gibson revenge movies.  They might really be a big Batman fan.  Regardless, if you notice a friend that seems a bit too keen on creating justice “his own way,” you might want to remind him vigilantism is typically frowned upon.


Memories can facilitate a sense of helplessness.  You didn’t do anything at the time and telling your story may not feel like it will help. But it will. So go do it.

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